(Note: ALL CAPS indicates new choreography to be learned)

Tuesday, Oct 28
10:40-11:30 Mirliton [Virkus]

Friday, Oct 31
10:00-11:45 Drosselmeier  [Virkus]
7:40-8:00 SPANISH  [Virkus]
8:00-8:40 CLARA, FRITZ  (cake scene, Dross pas)  [Virkus]

7:40-8:30 CHINESE [Figueroa]

Saturday, Nov 1
3:00-4:30 All Flowers  [Figueroa]

2:30-4:00 Mice, Soldiers  [Bayne]
3:15-4:00 Clara, Mouse King, Prince (w/ Mice & Soldiers)  [Bayne/Virkus]
4:00-6:30 CLARA, PRINCE   [Virkus]

2:00-3:00 Mother Ginger Children (to Peeler @ 2:45)  [Pierce]

Sunday, Nov 2
11:30-1:30 CLARA, PRINCE (Clara warm up 11:30-12:00) [Virkus]
1:00-3:00 Snow (1:00-1:30 warm up in Capp) [Figueroa]
3:00-5:00 PARTY SCENE (ALL except Mechanical Dolls) [Virkus]

1:00-2:50 OPENING ACT 2 – Rosebuds & Carnations (warm up 1:00-1:30) [Virkus]

Fall has officially begun!

Welcome back to all of our returning students, and hello to all the fresh faces. Russell School of Ballet is happy to see you all. We are excited to start off the 2014-2015 year off with our best foot forward.

Haven’t registered yet?!  Don’t worry, you can still register, but make sure you come in soon because some classes have already closed due to full enrollment. Stopping by the office is the best and quickest way to register, but if you have a quick question before you stop in, you can call the office at (703) 803-1055. You can also check the schedule out on our page so you know exactly what classes to sign up for.

We can’t wait to see what this season holds and look forward to seeing you soon!


Inclement Weather Policy

The Russell School of Ballet does not automatically cancel afternoon classes when schools are closed.

To get updated information, please check back here or visit our Facebook page first. We will make every attempt to hold classes when the weather is inclement.

Student and Staff safety is of paramount importance to us, however all parents and dancers must ultimately use their own judgment in attending class if the school is holding classes. Classes missed due to inclement weather may be made up during the normal school year.